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Our UltraBright™ Sienna Dim-to-Warm Series creates more than beautiful light, it sets the tone and creates the perfect ambience to build new memories that last a lifetime. LED technology allows this dynamic strip to produce a candle-like glow similar to traditional incandescent lighting, but with innovative versatility and peak performance. DL-FLEX2-DTW. JESCO Lighting's Dim-to-Warm LED strip smoothly mimics the dimming curve of an incandescent lamp as it is dimmed. At full brightness, the LED strip has a CCT of 3000K. As the strip is dimmed, the color changes to a warmer tone, reaching as low as a CCT of 1800K. Simple wiring using JESCO dimmable driver and a compatible dimmer.

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Lumicrest Dim To Warm LED strip mimics the natural behaviour of incandescent lighting, automatically transitioning to a warmer, cozy color temperature as it dims (3000K at full brightness to 2200K at the lowest brightness). Outdoor IP65 UltraBright™ Sienna Dim-to-Warm Series LED Strip Light Introduction: Our Outdoor (IP65) UltraBright™ Sienna Dim-to-Warm strip creates more than beautiful light.

The dim to warm strip provides intuitive control for seamless transitions from either 2700K-1900K or 3000K-1900K while maintaining industry leading CRI values. Synonymous with its name, the 2 wire 2 chip dim to warm LED strip operates via phase or 0-10V dimming without special wiring. 1 Results: Filter Products. Apply. Compare. WD24/6.0. The dim to warm effect is created by pairing a super warm white and warm white LED together and dimming them separately to give the dimmed strip an appearance of a classic, warm incandescent bulb. Despite having two chips, this strip is controlled with any single color PWM dimmer making installation an absolute breeze.

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Dim to Warm Strip Lights are designed to dim while warming color temperature, just like an incandescent bulb or fixture. They are different from temperature adjustable strip lights in the sense that they use a standard dimmer and have built in electronics that automatically warm the temperature of light while the light is also dimming. The Dim-To-Warm strip offers the nostalgic comfort of incandescent lighting while utilizing modern technology that can be used in almost any space. Features Of Dim To Warm LED Strip Smoothly mimics the dimming curve of an incandescent lamp 3000K at full brightness - dims down to 1800K

Dim to Warm LED Flexible Strip Bright and efficient LED flexible strip that offers excellent color quality. Fully dimmable from 3000K warm white to 1800K warm white. c ULus Approved. Details and Specs Request Info 24V UL Listed Dim to Warm LED Tape Light adjusts the color temperature from 3000K warm white to 1800K warm white when dimming. YUJILEDS® dim-to-warm LED strip applies Yuji's unique CRI 95+ LEDs. With 2-pin controlling, the CCT goes softly from 3000K down to 1800K when you dim the brightness, which creates a naturally comfortable lighting scene of sun set. Under warm and soft lighting environment, living, reading, and leisure will become pleasant and enjoyable.

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Dim-to-Warm LED Strip Light; Filter By. Free Shipping Yes 10 items; Price $-Apply . Manufacturer American Lighting 2 items; Diode LED 8 items; NSL 1 item; Show Less Wattage Watts-Apply . Length 16 Feet 7 items; 100 Feet 4 items; Show Less CRI 90+ 10 items; 95+ 1 item; Special Features Dim To. Dim to Warm LED Strip 3000K dimmed to 1800K Others CCT can be customized Dim by Triac, 0/1-10V, DALI, PWM CV dimmable driver. 2022-03-08. SMD2835 120LEDs/m Dim To Warm

Solid Apollo's new Dim to Warm 2216 100W LED Strip Light is a powerful, high quality LED strip that introduces the ability to dim from warm white (3000K) to a warm, cozy ultra warm white (1800K) just like a classic incandescent bulb or old traditional Edison light bulbs that have a tungsten filament. These new strips include technologically. Flexible LED. 120V Flexible LED INFINA® Strips; NPX No-Pixel Flexible Series; DL-FLEX2 Static White Series; Color Tuning & Color Changing; FLEXTILE™ Flexible LED Sheets; 24V FLEX Outdoor LED Strip; Flexible LED NEO; Contractor-Grade LED Strips; Extruded Channels; Power Supplies; Track. Track Systems; LED Track Heads; Line Voltage Track Heads.

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RibbonFlex Pro 24-Volt White Dim-to-Warm LED Strip Light Tape 32 ft. (10 m) RibbonFlex Pro 24-Volt White COB LED Strip Light Tape 4000K 32 ft. (10m) RibbonFlex Pro Warm White (2700K), 30 LEDs/M, 10M, 24-Volt Outdoor Tape Light: RibbonFlex Pro 32.8 ft. (10 m) Multi-Color and White LED Tape Light 60 Plus 60 LEDs: Price $ 110 17 Dim to Warm Strip Light Specs Wire to Strip Soldering Video Overlap Strip Soldering Video Calculate Electrical Load Enter Length: ft * 5.85 Watts = 0.00 Watts * Power Supply capacity must be larger than minimum lighting load.